Nutella Roll Cake




Chocolate sponge cake:
– 3 off
– ½ tassi of sugar
– ½ tassi of varine
– 2 cups of cocoa
– ¼ cup crushed and toasted hazelnuts
– Buttercream with nutella and dulce de leche:
– 165 grams of mashed potatoes
– 125 ml of Nutella
185 grams of coffee with milk (dulce de leche)
– 100 grams of water
– 50 grams of sugar
– ½ tsp vanilla extract
For garnish:
– Ferrero Rocher
– Crushed and roasted hazelnut
– 100 grams of milk chocolate


Prepare the chocolate sponge cake:

Preheat the oven to 180 C (350 F).

In a bowl, knead the sugar and the eggs at high speed for about 12 minutes or until the preparation doubles in volume.

Mixer Collection Le Cocoa and Lavarine. Sieve the preparation.

Incorporated in 3 times and gently the flour and cocoa mixture.

Incorporation There are a few clips and crushed.
Gently pour in the sponge cake

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