Ding Dong Cake

Ingredients (ten people):

  • two hundred ten g of flour
  • two hundred g of sugar
  • ninety g cocoa powder
  • two cases of baking soda
  • one case of baking powder
  • one tsp of salt
  • a hundred and ten g of oil
  • two eggs
  • two of vanilla extract
  • two hundred g semi-liquid cream
  • two hundred thirty  g of coffee (one cup)
  • five cases of flour
  • one hundred ml milk
  • one case of vanilla extract
  • two hundred thirty g of butter
  • one case of sugar


  • two hundred g milk chocolate (bar)
  • fifteen cl fresh cream



Preheat oven to one hundred eighty °C.
Mix all of the ingredients with inside the mixer for five min.
Pour into one mildew or  molds.
Bake for approximately thirty five to forty minutes, putting a knife tip as soon as its dry spring is cooked.
Take out and permit cool.
Cut the cake in two
In saucepan positione flour with the milk, stirring also whisk like béchamel, upload the sugar and vanilla extract.
Leave to chill then beat this cream with a mixer and upload the butter to whip it up like a chatilly.
Garnish the cake and close.
Melt the chocolate and the cream.
Pour over the cake, smooth, decorate and refrigerate till prepared to serve.
Enjoy !

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